About Brother Dean

Dean Saxton is an open air preacher of the gospel at the University of Arizona, Tuscon.

My Testimony:
I started to feel this need to preach, this fire! it was like a fire locked up in my bones The only one I knew who was unashamed of the gospel was the head pastor at the church I was attending. But he didn’t ever want to go out with me. I kept on looking and searching and began praying to God about becoming a man of integrity…I didn’t know what was going to happen, then I saw brother Jed on campus. This is a man who has a reputation of upsetting everyone, and I saw a sign that read “the end is near” and “give me $$$$” this intrigued my wretched soul. Sitting down, listening to Bro Jed I was intrigued by his presence. It was like none I had ever come across. To see him as good battling the forces of evil was a picture none of my proud pastors would ever stoop down to do.
Jed came on a Thursday and all next week I listened to him as he called girls out on what they actually were. As he battled the Atheists, held his ground. I realized that this was the kind of bold witness I had been waiting for, this is what God had been getting me ready for. Then a voice said “who’s going to do this when he’s gone, who will rise up?” then later in the week an attractive college girl walked over to Bro Jed and gave him a seductive look and a wink and he sat back in his chair thought a bit and came back with “I realize what a temptation I can be to you girls!” I thought hey I could be a temptation too, by becoming a real man like Jed! At another time I saw Jed was having so much fun, then I heard “you could have just as much” that fun cost me dearly though.
Friday night Bro Jed said “Im an old man and Ive been doing this for about 39 years I’m 69 years old I might not come back who will rise up?” I stood up, and said “I will” then left.
That night a power over took me that I had felt only in part before. Then I preached that following Monday. Later I had a vision that I was combing the desert looking for the glory of God and then I said I wonder what Moses saw that day? Then I saw his eyes and the back of Gods glory was shown and that was my confirmation I was in the will of God, I didn’t believe Bro Jed was biblical but I did think he was loving only later to find he had the whole counsel!
Also ,when Bro Jed gave his testimony and said that God talked to him and that he was lead by God I was confronted with a problem either he’s telling the truth and a man of God or a complete crazy, wacko. Further more if what he says is true I need to change myself and my doctrine.
I went to Europe that summer for school and preached all around the continent, I felt a presence like none before in Florence when I stepped in the city, preached there and had great crowds and discussions. I plan to go back this summer for a month.
I am the troubler of Tucson. I trouble my college campuses I trouble high schools all events that I can in this city. THIS city is being reclaimed for God, because I am a bold witness unashamed of the Gospel. In my ministry I’ve been cursed at, stolen from, threatened with arrest (sorry), hit into a tree, chased by a bunch of vixens around a church in Florence, and choked. Honestly I don’t know how I got out of Europe without getting arrested, I know my credentials are few, but I’m learning.
I am going to the Las Vegas SOAPA Conference, through nothing short of a miracle. I plan on going to Michigan after school gets out at the University of Arizona in Tucson. To go preach and rebuke the campuses there, then If I can get the funds to go to Europe to preach with a various team of preachers. Then its back to the U of A for my senior year of preaching at colleges, events and high schools, really anywhere that there’s people to hear! If you able to become a monthly supporter or just give a gift, it would greatly help me go to Europe to preach. If I can not raise enough to go to Europe I will be traveling around the states, maybe near you…
Youtube: bro dean
Twitter: brodeanIV
Blog: deansaxton.wordpress.com
Email: deensaxton@gmail.com

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212 Responses to About Brother Dean

  1. Rob says:

    So basically you saw a homeless man (probably with an unchecked mental illness and addiction problem) and you thought “Hey, who’s gonna stand around yelling at these people when he inevitably drinks himself to death?”

    Funny, I thought drunkenness and and being a sloth were mortal sins…

  2. Paulo says:

    Saw you on Vice. First I hated you. Then felt sorry for the way you understand life. Stop following a man created book. Respect people all along. Understand that the best way of not changing a person is by humiliation. For what I saw, thats the basics of your preaching. Lead by example… Positive attitudes will produce positive outcomes. What you are doing is not really as different from that small german/austrian guy 60 years ago. By the way, sorry for my english, Im writing from Brazil.

  3. iamspiritual says:

    YOU are the one that deserves to be raped. Rape happens for one reason only: sick people that have anti-social and other deep behavioral and psychological issues. I think you can relate to them so much because you fall in the same bucket, sicko piece of shit. Everything about religion and scripture is earthly. G-D is about spirituality and there is no structured format to achieve that. You are what we call a sheep, so blind to the actual universe of meta-physical spirituality. Immerse yourself in that, and you shall be free in this world and in any other.

    • Jana says:

      Technically rape is truly about power. Which is why a woman in a halter top and a woman in a sweatshirt are equally likely to be victims. They are chosen not for what they wear, but for the likelyhood they can be successfully overpowered. Many elderly and disabled women are raped, not because the rapist has a fetish, but because they are vulnerable. This is a fact obviously overlooked in this “essay.” But the dangerous nature of this author’s likely mental diseases should not be overlooked. There are elements of schizophrenia in his writing, and arrogance of God-like/prophet position, that need to be addressed at length with a board certified psychiatrist.

  4. Chris says:

    From what little I saw of your parents reactions while talking about you on vice, I to first hated you and now feel sorry for you. I think a lot of your problems are probably from your parents. You should really consider seeing a psychologist.

  5. dertygdf says:

    Please just do everyone a favor and go kill yourself, troll.

  6. gabi says:

    hey i saw you on vice, i didn’t like what you said ..bro if you believe in something keep it to yourself or your own opinion. I’m a muslim and proud of it but i don’t go around harassing people that their choices in life is wrong. No girl asks for rape! a girl should be allowed to dress the way she wants to, your not God to judge anyone and if people want to be gay that is their choice. Go read the bible properly and get educated before you talk shit , cause God doesn’t like sick people like you in this world that hate on people, grow up and how do you know muslims are going to hell? who are you to judge who’s going to hell or heaven, if you were a true believer you wouldn’t say that
    i just wish you the best of luck in life and hopefully no one would kill you for being an asshole and change you ways

  7. chris m. says:

    Hey, I agree with you. I’m 13 and I completely agree that most rape victims are responsible because they are just sluts dressed up like whores to attract rape. They are saying in a way “Rape me!!! Rape me!!!” same with gay sagging.

  8. Jana says:

    My biggest question after reading this is, honestly, how did you pass the college entrance? This rambling essay is a grammatical disaster, and follows no organized structure of thought. It is much more akin to the writings of an angry, overwhelmed individual in the throes of extreme inebriation. But as far as your incessant and adament preaching goes, I respectfully request that you don’t attempt to become this generation’s less literate David Koresh. God does not need yet another false prophet mangling His word to accommodate their own personal beliefs.

  9. Hi, after reading this amazing paragraph i am as well glad to share my knowledge here with colleagues.

  10. Brenda Lyday says:

    WWJD? Not what you are doing, that is for sure! I will add you to my prayer list, and pray that your heart will find Jesus.

  11. Mira Anda says:

    Dear Dean,

    Thank you for the water, I really needed it, that is why the big G put it there, in the hands of someone who would be forced to give it to me by his own principles. I have a medical condition, and your generosity, even in our enmity, was grace and love in action. I prayed for you before the water, and I prayed after, that you may find the joy, love, and grace that I have found in the light of truth, I still and will pray that one day you find love, and wish that you spray that around the world, instead of your vitriol.

    You know what your problem is? People are mad at you not for what you are saying, it is for having such a loud voice and speaking nonsense. Why not speak against the banking institutions, the money changers who charge interest on loans? Why not speak against the rich, who do not wish to share this prosperous land with the poor, the hungry, the weak, the wretched refuse from teeming shores? You pick an easy target, “slutty” women, women who sell their altars to the highest bidder because the rich have stolen their land, their home, their purity, these “slutty” women have been robbed, and you kick them while they are down. If you were really a man of the big G, you would raise your sword against the true enemy, the poverty that drives the desperation in this world. The poverty in the hearts of men of power.

    Dean Saxton, I pray for you, me, the whore, I pray that one day you open your beautiful eyes and see G’s work in everything, in every breathe, in every word, in every heart, and that you find a way to be a beacon in this darkness, to show the love and grace that is in you always, and to not allow darkness and fear to move your tongue.

    Que Dios te bendiga, y que perdone nuestras ofensas.

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