NCAA arrest

There I was, on a public side walk with my trust Jesus shirt, preaching like a lion growling at the local wildebeest, actually if you watch the footage I was like a cobra waiting for the strike slithering through and addressing and striking where things needed to be taught. But some guys got angry and said shut the f*** up repeatedly. I was just preaching Jesus and these dogs started barking. There counter argument was so narrow and stupid I just ignored them. Then they took my hat and threw it and I just retrieved it. Then I was met with a angry college… Probably a frat cat. And he shoved me all the way to where the cops are, in front of gentle bens where a Wild West security officer grabbed my hand threatened me several times to f*** me up. And said many things revealing he’s more of a stupid rhino then a slick cheetah. His charges soon tired him out and he ran away. Then the gentle bens security started begging me to go across the street. I declined the offer, then the officer came and said I was inciting a riot… What riot? a couple of people were getting irritated at me saying trust Jesus.

Here’s a message to Tucson officers:

1. The constitution protects unwanted speech
2 I am lawful in my speech about religion
3 if the crowd has become disorderly they do not have that right to riot.
4. I’m lawful but the crowd is unlawful…Police must take action against their behavior.

But he left and a minute later the cops like a pack of wolves jumped on me arrested me and took my stuff. They returned it, don’t be worried, some cops have though.
So I was thrown into the back of the van.

I just wanted to tell people about Jesus and I met a guy in the van who just wanted a chipolte burrito. Another who’s glasses were destroyed as he tried to… Idk it’s on my YouTube clip. Then a Mexican, and a law student. And several others, we were all stuck cuffed. I a good person was with bad people and they can’t do anything about it because we were all stuck.

So I began to preach… And well, they didn’t know that they went to the basket ball game but ended up meeting a man better than John the Baptist. The living word of God, a man of God. I was head butted twice. In the van, but the guy who did it said he was sorry and looked like he meant it… I forgave him.

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3 Responses to NCAA arrest

  1. Whody says:

    Dean, I fully support your freedom of expression even if I don’t agree with some of it– god bless America. People get offended if they are looking to get offended. I hope you sue Wild West Security and the police who violate your rights and kidnap you. Hold these people and organizations accountable for their illegal biased actions! You WILL win!

  2. John says:

    Hey Brother Dean I saw the VICE piece they did on you? Where do you get those shirts made up?

  3. Supporter of Brother Dean says:

    I support you, Brother Dean! Keep preaching the good word and let the sinners and whores know that their actions are ruining out society and spitting in the face of Jesus Christ. Do you have a video of this that you could link me to? I want to see these pigs violating your First Amendment rights. Shame on them!

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