It was a completely normal day, nothing out of the ordinary I just going to the campus to preach all the normal procedure for me as a Christian preacher of righteous. Sinless Sarah and I brought two signs that were dealing with the rape and modesty issues on the campus. Nothing extreme, just truth and love. So I brought out this mild sign that read “YOU DESEVRE RAPE” and I mounted my voice (which because of free speech is protected) and my face in such a way in order to set it against the ungodly, against the feminists, against the rapists at the University of Arizona.

As soon as I took out the sign and began to dialogue the faces of the immodest vixens, and common whores started to get riled up. I challenged these girls to cover up in the Wild Wild West, because there a rapist here. There are actually many, they are called Frat boys. The Greek life at the U of A has had many hazing problems with Greek life here and it comes as no surprise from a club dedicated to the party lifestyle. These Greeks on campus are life in such whoredoms with almost anything that moves. But it’s not just Greek life, it’s the porn freak’s, and the masturbating community on campus. But these girls aren’t helping, guys are visual and they need to put some clothes on!

Too many girls wear these SEX shorts, that make them look like whores. If you act like a whore, dress a like a whore then don’t get mad when you get treated like a whore. Feminists, fat lesbians, and whores get raped, abused, and mistreated. You judge a tree by its fruit, I’m a normal college guy calling you my fellow college students out! You need to repent, change! Or you will go to hell forever, this life is finite, please change…or face the consequences.

First this chubby woman threw her Ipad to the ground, wrapped her thick whale arms around me. While in her choke hold she didn’t realize her intolerance was showing, her femi-nazi was showing. She was just another lousy nagging woman trying to use force to change me…but she is a woman and the weaker vessel. Then this cave man came up reached for my shirt, and ripped some of it. THEN this huge football player approached and hit the sign out my hands and what acting in a way that made feel like I wasn’t going to survive for very long. The hecklars made several signs, josh Solomon made a sign that read “you deserve Grape” and there was a huge banner of Jimmy Hendricks. Which the satanic signs were obviously of the devil and were showing how bad and evil this university really. The hecklers got in front of me and cheered as they tried to steal my crowd as much as they could.

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182 Responses to YOU DESERVE… (G)RAPE(S)

  1. Jan Todd says:

    You are a very sick individual who is twisting Christian teachings to serve your own deluded purpose. As an atheist who was raised by an Anglican (Episcopal) priest, I am very aware of what your bible teaches, and it ain’t that!

  2. jurisrachel says:

    Wow. It’s hard to even know where to start. I’m not sure how you can have, in good faith, overlooked some of the most fundamental things Jesus emphasized – you know, like love, tolerance, and not judging folks. You’ve quite missed his point; it’s very sad.

  3. Beth says:

    I’m a Christian and you sir are full of CRAP!!! NO one deserves rape!! God and Jesus would NEVER approve of this!!! Yes women should dress more modestly but regardless of what anyone wears no deservescape rape. You and your crap are just things that makes the world doubt and hate christians! You have taken the bible and twisted it to your own sick beliefs!! My god forgive you for your total stupidity!!!!

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  5. Hailee says:

    Is this a joke? You may want to avoid blog posts that are completely unintelligible. Or, did the bible not teach you how to write properly? Typical.

  6. Jane Doe says:

    you are a sick fuck. you do not follow God, you worship your own hatred. News flash asshole, no one agrees with you so go fuck yourself. You are a disgusting piece of shit whiny asshole that sits on his ass and does nothing but whine. Go to hell.

  7. Kaeann says:

    I understand that you are just standing for what you believe in, and that everyone is subject to their own opinions. A lot of people don’t agree with how you present your message, including me, but what I am commenting on, is that you seem to be against fat you say “fat lesbians”…are fat lesbians more of sinners than skinny lesbians? I mean “thick, whale arms”? Is that necessary? And I do have a question concerning something else, modesty. You are totally for modesty! As am I. But, muslim women are the most modest women I have ever met! I am not saying I agree with what they believe in, but you are stressing certain points and neglecting the others. You say they deserve rape? But then you say that the women who are wearing revealing clothes deserve rape because of how they are dressed….So, how is it that Muslim women deserve rape even though they keep their bodies completely covered, but common women also deserve rape because of the provocative clothing. Are you just saying that all women deserve to be raped?

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