Slut Shaming At Slutwalk Chicago 2015

Bro Dean point

Chicago on Friday was full of Hare Krishna’s, Muslims, and sorority sluts. Whereas the major event was Slut Walk on Saturday.


Going out on Friday to the mosque with a task force of three was a perfect match. We went in front of the mosque. But on the way we found some high hares who had lost their mind to veganism. I, Bro Dean, in the flesh, felt so bad for these morons I had to stop by and yell some very Christ-like things to them. It wasn’t “God loves you and has a place in heaven for you”…quite the opposite. “Let me introduce you to the bible; God hates.”


It’s a superficial crazy whacked-out sex cult that destroys gender roles and promotes their adulterous god Krishna to all. They claim it’s all self-denial, but the flesh loves this type of religious sin.



This is basically a “you deserve Bro Dean” event. We had mega phones, banners, hand-held signs, and t-shirts to match. I personally believe that the whores at slut walk do deserve Rape. They dress like rape, act like rape, invite rape, promote rape, and incite rape.


Now tell me, do these women deserve Rape? Be HOnest.

I believe that God up in heaven up above is laughing, a laugh that is pointed towards the rape victims of slutwalk. He’s laughing at the homos dying of aids, laughing at Muslims killing each other. He’s laughing at all the ungodly fat people dying. They have chosen themselves before a holy God. They have chosen their desires before a God who wanted them. Wisdom cried out, but they refused reproof. The earth is his foot stool, and as he rests his feet I can hear him laughing with the Angels, and with the saints at your rape.


Now a woman who is walking down the street naked, should she be raped?…no! But she is displaying her body as an object for anyone to see. Once a man sees it, he wants it so bad sometimes he thinks consent isn’t necessary. He gets drunk on what his eyes have taken in. As a Christian, I don’t really believe in consent in the traditional way. I have never needed to ask for consent because I’m waiting till marriage as per Hebrews 13:4, Deut. 22, and 1 Cor 6:9. Did I mention not getting consent is fun, because I’m not begging or pleading any women to please give me their bodies.


I’m pleasantly content with God, my life, and waiting for that perfect someone to come into my life. Also, why do I need to ask my wife all the time for sex? It should be understood how things will be taking place. The feminists want to make it seem that they have full control over the relationship through sex or their supposed consent, but the Bible says it’s over mutual consent through marriage.


As a Christian, I’ve never kissed, had sex, gotten drunk, high, suicidal, sexted, or divorced. Now think about how high my expectations may be for the mother of my children. The woman who will have to hold my counsel in her heart. The Proverbs 31 woman is one that all men seek, but few are willing to deny selfish desires in this life for. In middle school I decided to wait to kiss till I was married. Because I want a woman who herself said in her heart, “I love you, and I will prepare for you till we meet and get married.”

IMG_0304 copy

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A Message To Principals

Bro Dean is on a crusade to reveal the hearts of this generation to themselves. I am bringing a mirror to their hearts. Unfortunately because of what the public school system has been putting into these hearts, the reflection is not going to look pretty. They will see what Dorian Gray saw the day he died. Through this death, a new life can come. They can become born again. But if your principals, teachers and students refuse this warning, a spirit of terror will enter your bones, plaguing you for the rest of your life. This is the Holy Spirit, and the conviction will be as nails to your skin.

Preaching to your high school is a vital part of bringing the gospel into the city. Principals are ringleaders of Satan’s lies to this generation. They facilitate the lies of evolution, premarital sex, racism, masturbation, cutting, sin, birth control, abortion, no capital punishment, depression and the suicidal thoughts that pervade this generation. Luke 17:2 speaks of you black widows eating up America’s young. “ It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” The sin you promote you will be judged for on judgement day. You teach, facilitate, and encourage sin to our young. There is a hell to pay for such grievous sins.

As a native Tucsonan, Phoenician and soon will be in Flag, I am constantly hearing reports of principals and teachers in my state of Arizona molesting, sexting, abusing, and manipulating the children. This type of behavior is expected of people that believe and teach that the image of God, man, has come from apes. As they teach, so they are, and so they become. No wonder it’s like a gay pride event every time I go to preach the gospel to this generation. It boggles my mind that parents would send their precious ones so far away from home to people that are so twisted.

Trust me, these public school principals and teachers are some of the lowest people in my book. Here are some tips: If you have me trespassed, prepare for me to make your school a regular spot for preaching. If you threaten, assault, or use the cops to harass me, prepare for me make your school a regular spot for preaching. If you have me arrested for exercising my freedom of speech, prepare for not just me, but a medley of preachers to show up. And be warned, these street preachers are a terror compared to me. Your school will become a breaking ground for the street preachers.

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God Laughs At Your Rape

The men of this generation have sought love in lustful ways. Pastors watch pornography, the stats say 9 out of 10, while they preach to their congregation about how God’s love covers all sin and iniquity regardless of being sin willful or not, forgiven or not. The spirituality of the pastor has trickled down to the flock and has ultimately infected the entire world. The result is the United States’ largest export is pornography.

The infection is the objectification of women. Women are now just walking vaginas, a pair of breasts to look at, legs to gawk at. As men’s gaze fall upon them, women feel the need to become the disease. So they put too much make-up on, inject and have surgery done on their breasts, butts, lips, and who knows what else. They do all this to prove to God that what he has given them is not enough. Biblical marriage is enough for me. One woman for life is enough to satisfy. One woman who keeps the jewels of herself to her husband. One who relies on her husband as a strong tower to dwell, rather than a pulpit to cast others down or raise herself up on.

The bible is enough knowledge for a lifetime. Virginity till marriage is enough self-control. These people have stripped their self-respect. They are destroying the lives of the women and men that watch and defiling each other whether it be on the Internet, at a strip club, or at a video store. It’s like they are running from the natural love they should have. The men of this generation are consumed in the destruction of women.

Most men are pigs; most women are mindless objects. There were guys that brought their girlfriends out. Each girlfriend that day saw how she could never satisfy the lust of the boy she was with. She realized she was not attractive enough for his needs. She realized she was not as much of a whore as her boyfriend wanted in her. But once they become sluts, men are no longer attracted.

God Laughs At Your RAPE!

Proverbs 1:26-28 (KJV)

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

As a Christian I believe God sees these women for the cougars they are, they seek to kill and destroy mens lives. Their families, many an honorable woman has been undermined by these whores.

Rape is a part of the pornography industry, many of these girls “FANS” wait for just the right moment. Or these women get drunk then someone goes in to rape them. Or its part of some sick porno film.

God looks down from his kingdom, and after all the wisdom, mercy, and knowledge. These whores still try to destroy men… and for that

God laughs at their and any other sluts RAPE

He mocks at them saying…

Its just another lay, just another one night stand, its just that “consent” wasn’t there.

You deserved it

You weren’t even a good rape victim

Maybe Bill Cosby would Rape you

I know you want it,

You said no but your body said YES!

Rape isn’t that Bad

As the rape drug settles in, as the fear of what may happen sets, God smiles. The porn girl, the whore, a slut calls out to God in desperation crying and weeping only to hear the Laugh of our almighty God during her RAPE.

God Laughs when these women get AIDS, God laughs when these porn duds retain gonorrhea. God will laugh when the genital warts burn on the thighs that enticed so many men.

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Comic Con Nerds Come Out Of The Basements 

Many comicon participants are no more then super nerds, geeks and mamas boys. who have lost their real life to the fake life of game play. Stupid games that only soil their own personal morality. These people for some reason have not out grown pictures of silly costumes and fantascious story’s. Story’s of men and women with powers that make situations to bend the fabric of Gods law in their life. They have declared themselves to be little gods in their own eyes. Godlike powers that bend the shame that sin has put on mans body. Bends relationship boundaries as if power changes a mans heart. 

There is nothing more humiliating then a man bound to his parents basement. He is a shame to the family name and does not wish to prolong any real legacy. He does not seek to prolong his own or Gods. He would rather play with his imaginary friends in the games he buys. With his or his parents, money he pays for his own slavery in these games, while the games make him feel like some sort of hero. He does very little to actually use his own mind. Surrounded by worlds and stories that others have created for him to think about. Instead of ever opening their eyes to the reality that is right in front of them.

Enslaved to the dungeon of the basement, this man is not able to hold down a relationship due to lack of responsibility, lack of commitment, and lack of respect for the women around him. So because he will not man up he will hear the grief of his mother for the rest of the time she is alive.

There is nothing more humiliating then a woman begging for the affections of boys staring at sparkling lights. The women of this generation are desperate to find a man who does not compromise. Who won’t lie just to get into their pants. Men who will care more about her then the Xbox. Her children more then the play station. Many out of a perceived loneliness compromise with a man of compromise and in the end, end up broken abused and compromised themselves.  

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Bro Dean Collides with Muslims


Islam is lies, all Muslims are liars. In the Quran there is no concept of holiness.There is no holy Quran, the word holy was stolen. There is no Holy Spirit in the Quran, only vile hateful spirits. The direction that Islam takes a man is complete and absolute dominance, a man who feels a level of pride that destroys those he loves and hates in his life. He will take for himself an under age woman and instead of growing to love her he will see her as a lesser vessel. The young woman will realize that the man she thought she married is a metal rod on her back, she’s married an extreme of Christian Grey. In these 50 shades there are no stop words. The direction Islam has for every woman is complete destruction of her soul and her character. The mans will is what she must bend to, to the uttermost lengths. Submission to a man, to a law that is ment to harm her not help her. She will be raped, beaten, and subjected to a religion that hates the essence of who she is.
 Islams foundation is disagreeing with others and killing or humiliating any one who opposes them and their ridiculous ideas. If you are a Christian Jew or just plain infidel you should convert or die. 
Muhammad was a liar and he taught his mindless followers to lie, steal, kill, and yell their phrase “Allah Akbar” 
Hagar what have you done, Esau where have you led your children. Ishmael will you never leave your hate for your brother Isaac. How long will you worship the ka ba, pray five times a day to a place not to God. Pray five times to satan not to the true God. 
It is because of these lies that I Bro Dean decided to go to ASU to tell the Muslims the truth of their religion and that there truly is a better way. The better way is Jesus Christ to put faith and trust in him. All Muslims have rejected the son of God and that is their greatest sin.
So the Christians met the Muslims and fellow asu students to tell them that their religion is sick demonic and kills people. Little did we know the Muslims at asu could very well be the same terrorists who bombed Boston. Who ran the planes into the twin towers. Who shot Charlie hebdo. Who killed in Kenya. They were angry we were telling them the truth. Which is normal I guess for Muslim women because they have been abused all their lives, and the Muslim men the abusers inflame as they try to justify the lie. 
I started preaching and ripping up the vile book killan or Quran. Some of the Muslims  cried. Seeing the book that had entangled them for so long with so many lies destroyed right in front of their eyes. The tears were of joy or of anger but a strong spirit was behind them. Some said they are going to kill me, which makes me feel odd because I’m still alive. So either their God is fake and I’m alive or they are just a bunch of cowards who know in their heart that they serve satan not the one true God. 
Many feminists have said they would rape me. Many Muslims said they would behead me. Many homos said they would sodomize me. Many threats have my ears heard and God has protected against all.
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Street Fair Preaching: 4th ave, Heathens Abound 

4th ave
March 22, 2015

 The street fair of Tucson is a place of trinkets, music, booze, and now preachers. People calling upon people to repent before the day of wrath in which Jesus is coming to judge. Bro Dean and Richard the Lion heart hit the event for eight hours straight. Standing in one solitary spot witnessing and preaching. Now I have in the past done the entire weekend straight from start to finish. But for Richard this was his first time and he did not whine complain or b-word the entire time we were out there. He stood his ground and witnessed the entire time. 
A guy came up to me who arrived at the event to pass out the tracts but was having difficulty. He knew people are in trouble but those people can be so closed to true love at times. They are so used to being abused they often lack the sight to see charity at its very best. I gave him some pointers and prayed with him several times for boldness. He passed some out and even went so far as to preach a little. It was a great step for him. If he continues in this lonely journey, God has great things for him. 
There are many who like what we do at the fair, but can’t seem to get the spirit to move to do the same. It’s always an interesting divide, when meeting someone who likes the fire but won’t jump in. They often lack calling, prayer, and listening to the word of God. Preachers and pastors are those who listen and follow the word.
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Richard the lion heart and the mus rats 

Richard the lion heart and Brother to the saints of God, Dean. Started out Friday with some one on one witnessing to the asu sun devils, in a desperate attempt to get them to become saints. They had arguments that only the devil could come up with. But as I would get the persons attention Richard would strangle the demon out of them, cutting them with the word of God. He has memorized 40,000 verses. 
We then took off to Tempe High School, the lion heart took hold of the banner of the lord. I went in with the horn and lifted up my voice against the Devils of the high school. I encouraged the youth to flee from sin, read the bible, and pursue truth. But to no avail, a homo took my bible, I was called a nigger bigot and many other names. But I stood and so did Richard the traveling preacher.
After indoctrinating the youth about the best way of life, following Christ! Richard and I went to the mosque, where we talked the people who believe in the religion of hate. Some of the Muslims started talking about the custom AK 47s they have, when I brought up the jihad uprising in America. There was a Muslim woman who came up to me and kept on talking about how stupid I was because I was white. She them slapped me across the face, but that’s as close as I was going to let this ho jab get to me. Then the police arrested her and she was charged. 
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