Attempted murder on Christian

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Church: The Worst Place to Go

Church is one of the worst places for a Christian to go. Now, I am not against the concept of the church or all churches. But I feel bad for those who get saved, who are so on fire, their first love is HOT and they end up in a building full of hypocrites that believe in a social club not Holiness. I just have to shake my head. They have all gone astray. They have all compromised. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. The pastor compromises with his kids on discipline resulting in a rebellious generation. He compromises on his wife’s modesty, she in turn teaches her daughters then the congregation turns to whoredom. The men of the church see problems in the church but are not righteous enough to judge or point out any of these wrongs that will affect not only the church but their own family. With so many pastors stealing, raping, molesting, and destroying the body of Christ, it’s no wonder the heathen have been given a cause to blasphemy.

Discernment is a curse in churches. It’s so easy to tell that no one really cares to act like a Christian. They claim themselves to be of a godly mindset but are radically worse than the heathen they judge and are too good to talk to. They trap themselves with their pride. Pride tells a father that he is better than other dads. Pride is what binds the mothers at a church who have refused their motherly duties of tending to the house so they resort to gossip. Pride tells the worship leader that he has reached a higher level spirituality that makes his sin not that bad.

These men make a show of great prayers, but they are masturbating to porn at home and committing adultery while claiming it is Gods will. They treat their daughter, their innocent child like a whore on the street, until she breaks and becomes just another girl for her father to gaze at on the internet. Women ruling the house with an iron fist, raising her voice at everything her husband does. Yet she bends to every whim of a paper-proclaimed pastor. No wonder the church has died.  The common state of the church is a dry whore.

Being born and raised in the church, my family and I know what types of snakes flourish in this atmosphere. They are clicky, clingy, needy, demanding, leeches that want nothing more than their own social needs met before anyone else’s. There is always more than enough gossip to go around. There are youth leaders finding common ground with the children, they are supposed to be ministering too. Watering down the gospel and turning them into children of the devil.

They want your money more then a heart for God.  Ten percent… and the church members give less than 10 percent of their heart every Sunday. Your pastor preaches more about a concept of tithing that he completely stands by without falter. But where OH WHERE are the pastors when it comes to talking about modesty, submission to God and Christian basics? How do you justify giving 10 percent and you can’t give to a brother in need!

I leave you with this curse or blessing,

Whatever you have done to the lest of these my brethren, you have done to me.

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Cactus High School

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The Patriarchy

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Moon Valley High School today was like any other day. I got ready for work, and on a break I dropped down from the mountains to preach to sinners at Moon Valley High School. I tried to communicate that they aren’t going to the Moon they will be rocketed to HELL.

I went there to bring their pride low and rebuke them of sin. The principal muttered to me, “Why don’t you go to another school?” Well I’ve been trying my best to hit as many as I can and because he said that I’m going to have to go back several times to rebuke this demon of hate speech out of that school. The first time I came to this school, a student kamikaze his bike into me. Today, one of the lesbians threw a pine cone at me, which really hurt. It hurt for so many reasons. I can’t even explain the dilemma. I shall return.

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Dead People and the U of A

Day of the Dead It was Sunday, November 8 and I went out to the Catholic Day of the Dead parade to remind Tucson that I’m still alive and well. This was bad news for many because many found my words of life as hate speech. Therefore, alcoholic drinks were thrown and assaults persisted, oh and a guy found my words so hateful he destroyed my megaphone. So I will be purchasing a new one soon. TPD at the day of the Dead respected my freedom of speech.

Then the next day at U of A I went to remind the sinners of what they deserve… and the campaign began with a good start, but then a little ho tried to take my GoPro. I got it back. An Asian felt like I was a racist and punched me in the neck while I was sitting down. The police camp later to write a report, if you see any suspicious Asian activity report it! And a Mormon started harassing me by repeating himself about how minority groups can never be racist and how I am a white privileged man.

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Slut Shaming At Slutwalk Chicago 2015

Bro Dean point

Chicago on Friday was full of Hare Krishna’s, Muslims, and sorority sluts. Whereas the major event was Slut Walk on Saturday.


Going out on Friday to the mosque with a task force of three was a perfect match. We went in front of the mosque. But on the way we found some high hares who had lost their mind to veganism. I, Bro Dean, in the flesh, felt so bad for these morons I had to stop by and yell some very Christ-like things to them. It wasn’t “God loves you and has a place in heaven for you”…quite the opposite. “Let me introduce you to the bible; God hates.”


It’s a superficial crazy whacked-out sex cult that destroys gender roles and promotes their adulterous god Krishna to all. They claim it’s all self-denial, but the flesh loves this type of religious sin.



This is basically a “you deserve Bro Dean” event. We had mega phones, banners, hand-held signs, and t-shirts to match. I personally believe that the whores at slut walk do deserve Rape. They dress like rape, act like rape, invite rape, promote rape, and incite rape.


Now tell me, do these women deserve Rape? Be HOnest.

I believe that God up in heaven up above is laughing, a laugh that is pointed towards the rape victims of slutwalk. He’s laughing at the homos dying of aids, laughing at Muslims killing each other. He’s laughing at all the ungodly fat people dying. They have chosen themselves before a holy God. They have chosen their desires before a God who wanted them. Wisdom cried out, but they refused reproof. The earth is his foot stool, and as he rests his feet I can hear him laughing with the Angels, and with the saints at your rape.


Now a woman who is walking down the street naked, should she be raped?…no! But she is displaying her body as an object for anyone to see. Once a man sees it, he wants it so bad sometimes he thinks consent isn’t necessary. He gets drunk on what his eyes have taken in. As a Christian, I don’t really believe in consent in the traditional way. I have never needed to ask for consent because I’m waiting till marriage as per Hebrews 13:4, Deut. 22, and 1 Cor 6:9. Did I mention not getting consent is fun, because I’m not begging or pleading any women to please give me their bodies.


I’m pleasantly content with God, my life, and waiting for that perfect someone to come into my life. Also, why do I need to ask my wife all the time for sex? It should be understood how things will be taking place. The feminists want to make it seem that they have full control over the relationship through sex or their supposed consent, but the Bible says it’s over mutual consent through marriage.


As a Christian, I’ve never kissed, had sex, gotten drunk, high, suicidal, sexted, or divorced. Now think about how high my expectations may be for the mother of my children. The woman who will have to hold my counsel in her heart. The Proverbs 31 woman is one that all men seek, but few are willing to deny selfish desires in this life for. In middle school I decided to wait to kiss till I was married. Because I want a woman who herself said in her heart, “I love you, and I will prepare for you till we meet and get married.”

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