About Brother Dean

Dean Saxton is an open air preacher of the gospel at the University of Arizona, Tuscon.

My Tesimony:
I started to feel this need to preach, this fire! it was like a fire locked up in my bones The only one I knew who was unashamed of the gospel was the head pastor at the church I was attending. But he didn’t ever want to go out with me. I kept on looking and searching and began praying to God about becoming a man of integrity…I didn’t know what was going to happen, then I saw brother on campus. This is a man who has a reputation of upsetting everyone, and I saw sign that read “the end is near” “give me $$$$” this intrigued my wretched soul. Sitting down, listening to Bro Jed I was intrigued by his presence. It was like none I had ever come across. To see him as good battling the forces of evil was a picture none of my proud pastors would ever stoop down to do.
Jed came on a Thursday and all next week I listened to him as he called girls out on what they actually were. As he battled the Atheists, held his ground. I realized that this was the kind of bold witness I had been waiting for, this is what God had been getting me ready for. Then a voice said “who’s going to do this when he’s gone, who will rise up?” then later in the week an attractive college girl walked over to Bro Jed and gave him a seductive look and a wink and he sat back in his chair thought a bit and came back with “I realize what a temptation I can be to you girls!” I thought hey I could be a temptation too, by becoming a real man like Jed! At another time I saw Jed was having so much fun, then I heard “you could have just as much” that fun cost me dearly though.
Friday night Bro Jed said “Im an old man and Ive been doing this for about 39 years I’m 69 years old I might not come back who will rise up?” I stood up, and said “I will” then left.
That night a power over took me that I had felt only in part before. Then I preached that following Monday. Later I had a vision that I was combing the desert looking for the glory of God and then I said I wonder what Moses saw that day? Then I saw his eyes and the back of Gods glory was shown and that was my confirmation I was in the will of God, I didn’t believe Bro Jed was biblical but I did think he was loving only later to find he had the whole counsel!
Also ,when Bro Jed gave his testimony and said that God talked to him and that he was lead by God I was confronted with a problem either he’s telling the truth and a man of God or a complete crazy, wacko. Further more if what he says is true I need to change myself and my doctrine.
I went to Europe that summer for school and preached all around the continent, I felt a presence like none before in Florence when I stepped in the city, preached there and had great crowds and discussions. I plan to go back this summer for a month.
I am the troubler of Tucson. I trouble my college campuses I trouble high schools all events that I can in this city. THIS city is being reclaimed for God, because I am a bold witness unashamed of the Gospel. In my ministry I’ve been cursed at, stolen from, threatened with arrest (sorry), hit into a tree, chased by a bunch of vixens around a church in Florence, and choked. Honestly I don’t know how I got out of Europe without getting arrested, I know my credentials are few, but I’m learning.
I am going to the Las Vegas SOAPA Conference, through nothing short of a miracle. I plan on going to Michigan after school gets out at the University of Arizona in Tucson. To go preach and rebuke the campuses there, then If I can get the funds to go to Europe to preach with a various team of preachers. Then its back to the U of A for my senior year of preaching at colleges, events and high schools, really anywhere that there’s people to hear! If you able to become a monthly supporter or just give a gift, it would greatly help me go to Europe to preach. If I can not raise enough to go to Europe I will be traveling around the states, maybe near you…
Youtube: bro dean
Twitter: brodeanIV
Blog: deansaxton.wordpress.com
Email: deensaxton@gmail.com

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176 Responses to About Brother Dean

  1. JM says:

    Dean – recently in the news, a 30 something man tried to rape a 6 month baby girl. She was not wearing shorts, no makeup, no high heels, no perfume and did not flirt with him. Please explain to me how she deserved this. Thank you.

  2. Well well Dean you have made quite the name for yourself. Talking down to Muslims , and feminists, all the while invoking the aid of a female yourself. Tell me Dean, are you as righteous as you appear to be? How much of the bible are you yourself following? You seem like an Old Testament dude , none of that pussy, liberal New Testament shit. I’m sure you’re abstinent because no one who has a dick worth fucking would be touting about how they keep their sin snake locked away, but I digress. Can you tell me what that ” virgin pride” shirt is made of Dean? I sure hope its 100% pure cotton. Those denim jeans, I hope they aren’t sewn together with anything other than what the material is because that my friend would be a direct violation of Leviticus 19:19, and we all know how cray-cray Leviticus is. You’re still practicing animal sacrifices right? You wouldn’t let a little thing like animal abuse charges get in the way of your divine lifestyle right? You’re a man of integrity Dean! I’m sure a holly roller like yourself takes all parts of the bible seriously and would never do anything like use the parts that fuel a hateful agenda, and then ignore the other parts, like wearing clothing sewn from two different seeds. I’m sure you checked to see if the last piece of fruit you ate was from a plant that was at least over 3 years old, we all know how you feel about forbidden fruit. I don’t like your words. I respect your right to say them, but you should make sure you’re one hell of a piece of pious pie before you start casting stones. You deserve crepes!

  3. mike says:

    hey dean, not the shiniest penny in the jar, are you?

  4. The Divine Judge of the UofA says:

    Dean. Seriously? I just wanted to let you know that Jesus definitely contacted me first and named me First High-Chair Wizard Judge of: Alumni Hill, the Student Union, and the Admin building. You must have been contacted by his second cousin Jesus’. I can understand your confusion tho. Both are dark skinned men who tend to work outside and drink a lot. “Later I had a vision that I was combing the desert looking for the glory of God…” Yeah, that happens to me too when I take too much LSD, or choke myself out during rough gay adventures, or wear “sex” shorts that are just too short and constricting. If you are spreading the TRUE message of god, then trust me: Myself and the rest of campus would rather spend an eternity in hell licking Oprah Winfrey’s taint than spend one minute in what you call Heaven with you and Jesus’. Are you really surprised that you were almost killed in Europe? You should be pretty stoked about being chased around a church by a bunch of vixens. That sounds rather sexy, and probably was your only opportunity to score some tail…. Well besides Sinless Sarah. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll have to move to Utah to marry her. What is she…15? SHE DESERVES RAPE. Since I’m the REAL Judge of the UofA (refer to complete title in opening line), Jesus wants me to tell you some shit. Stop eating at Red Lobster, when you talk to him in the desert you smell like lobster sex and lost Leviticus dreams. Also, we all know (including Jesus) that you’ve wanked it on SOME occasion. We all know that it is a sin to spill your seed outside of a woman….for it does not meet the procreation goals of the Word. Also, Jesus says you’re pretty much an asshole. I agree with him. Once my judgement is confirmed and I am for SURE named First High-Chair Wizard Judge of the UofA, everyone gets free autographed Tebow footballs and an unlimited supply of bacon. Both of which you can’t have since swine is disgusting and all. Those sorority whore-made pancakes looked delicious tho.

  5. E says:

    Trust me, if their’s anyone who deserves to be raped–used so mercilessly that they howl, battered so terribly in their holes that they dig their nails into their palms until they bleed, until they’re violated so violently that their own body feels disgusting to them, until they can’t close their eyes without picturing every excruciating detail that happened to them–it’s definitely you!

    Aww, it’s just too bad no one would ever give it to you, you disgraceful waste of a human being! Fuck off and die, because no one needs you here and no one else in the world deserves the annoyance of having you in their country! And believe me, that’s all you are; an annoyance to the rest of the people here to learn, you piece of shit!

  6. Natalie says:

    Are you real? You can’t possibly be real.

    • American1 says:

      Thing is he might be a troll, it’s hard to tell – I noticed on his Youtube channel his videos are uploaded as “Comedy”, and on his Twitter he was a follower of some atheist Twitter accounts.

      Either way he’s a loser and attention seeker and needs mental help.

  7. Ed II says:

    I’m sure your imaginary friend loves you, but man, you’re still a fucking arsehole! Then again, this is why I want nothing to do with Christianity. Given the choice between Hell with Richard Dawkins, Frank Zappa and Christopher Hitchens or Heaven with Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and, well YOU!, I’d certainly have the former.

    • Natalie Fava says:

      Forever damned to the firey pits of Frank Zappa’s awesome music? That sounds like the greatest punishment ever.

  8. Yann Rigal says:

    Hello, sorry for the errors but i’m french, so…
    Brother Dean, as an agnostic, i usually respect the believers (not the churches), but your kind of behavior isn’t going to help anyone to become a christian.
    As a french man i can’t understand your freedom of speech. In France we have it but there is an enormous difference, this freedom stops when your speech puts yourself or someone else in danger. When your speech is a violation of the public peace.
    Please come to Europe and specially in France, there we would see how courageous you are, cause i can assure you that with such a speech you wouldn’t stay long on the street. The judge would certainly not put you in jail, but you would have the obligation to go to a mental hospital for a checkup. I’m not joking, i’m certain of it, and a financial fee if you are declared sain (yes they could find you sain, psychiatrie is not yet an exact science :-) ).
    Brother Dean i don’t know if you are a closet homosexual, but i find it very strange that your sidekick is a very young and quite attractive girl. It bothers me that you talk about paedophilia with such an aide. Be serious young man, you seem to be what ? 23/25 years old and you drag a 15 years old girl with you… do you realise that you are putting her in danger by making so many people angry ?
    Well that said, i can only agree with one person who said that it is amazing to have only negative comments on your blog. It’s the first time i see that. Dosen’t it make you think a little bit ?
    Greeting from Paris and see you soon i hope!!!

    • shaniqua says:

      I go to the University where he preaches and he is trying to go to europe. I told him that the laws regarding hate speech in europe are very strong and he just ignored me. I am glad you are telling him too.

      • deensaxton says:

        It’s not hate speech, that’s just what you call it.

      • If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck Dean… Of course you don’t consider it hate speech, because you’re not on the other end of it… What about your videos and comments about there being so much intolerance and hatefulness towards you? Is tolerance for someone’s beliefs and lifestyles only justifiable to contradicting, illogical, and intolerant Christians? You have made such a laughing stock of yourself, your cause,and your type of religion. You are last weeks news, and on your 14th minute of fame. You ARE hateful. You are a misogynist, a homophobe, and racist. You also have the remarkable ability to catch your breath mid-sentence and change your train of thought. You also know how to piss a whole lot of people off, and make them laugh at you at the same time. Ciao Dean!

      • deensaxton says:

        Again with the name calling I would say that you hate God… Like force is met

      • No silly boy those are called adjectives, you’re in college you should know this. You speak against race, women, and homosexuals in a demeaning loud way. An accurate description using adjective would be that Dean is a homophobic, misogynistic, racist, loudmouth. See? Not just name calling. As for me “hating god” that’s an assumption on your part. I can’t hate what I don’t believe in. You should try that you might find that your rhetoric becomes a little less hateful. Anything else you want me to clarify there for you sweetie?

  9. J, Baker says:

    Beware False prophets. If you really want to preach to a crowd that will appreciate you, try the Taliban!

    • Ian Israel says:

      “Beware the worm that stands on two legs,spouting lies of a G-d that never lived..As the lies fall from his ripped,bleeding lips,so too shall his feces fall too…You,a liar in human form,shall not know peace or prosperity while tainted with stigmata of belief..Walk to the gallows of faith,hang your head in shame and take upon you your befouled Cross Of Rotted Flesh.”-”Cross Of Rotted Flesh” by Ian Israel.

  10. FreeSpeechAndy says:

    Brother Dean,

    I do not particularly support any of the things you say. However I do believe that you should keep on doing what you’re doing. Whether you realize it or not you are bringing the important issue of free speech right into the open for everyone to consider. If we live in a society that respects the rights of others than you will simply be left alone. However if, as a country, we have fallen to the point of silencing an individual because we are offended by his opinions then we do not deserve freedom. Instead it would be better if we became the play things of lords and kings.

    To the rest of you who are reading and commenting I have this to say: Get over yourselves if this offends you. His rights do not end where your feelings begin and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can grow up and feel better about yourselves.

    • Alyssa says:

      I agree with you that my beliefs or feelings do not and should not take away from Dean’s freedom of speech. It is a basic and simple right that we are privileged to have in this country.

      What I don’t understand is why you are telling people to stop commenting or expressing their opinions in response to Dean? Isn’t it their right to express their speech as openly and freely as Dean? I have not read anything so far to suggest that anyone is trying to “silence” him. While people are asking (some politely, some not so politely) to stop his vile and vulgar comments, it seems that his rights have been protected through all of this. While his university has disowned all of what he has said, they have not prevented him from continuing to protest, to speak, to make signs, to post blogs, etc. Trying to dissuade Dean through logic, through insults, through name-calling, through Biblical scripture, through humor is not an infringment of Dean’s freedom of speech, but an exercise of theirs.

      However, I think believe that with great power comes great responsibility. We have a unique privilege to freedom of speech in the United States. People all over the world are dying to have it. Plenty of soldiers have died to protect it. If one decides to use it to spew hate and intolerance, it is their right, but I also think it is something that they will be held accountable for whether by God, or society, or maybe even in Dean’s case, potential employers.

      So, I urge Dean to think about the potential negative ramifications that he might be bringing onto himself and onto others.

      You have every right to believe differently than me and to vocalize it. I’m just urging you to consider the harm you might be doing to yourself and others by approaching things the way you are. Even if you feel called to “preach in the open air”, that doesn’t bring in a paycheck. And future employers will definitely be able to see, to read, to hear, and to watch on video your vocalization of your beliefs (particularly of how women deserve rape as it has gone viral on media). Those employers will most likely 1) find your words to repugnant and vile (in the words of your own university) and 2) even IF they were to agree with you, they would be opening themselves to costly lawsuits and liabilities for discrimination. And I see that people can make donations to support you, but practically, that will not be able to pay your bills since even from these comments I can greatly assume you are in the minority.

      And if you do not consider the harm you might cause yourself important, I urge you to think of the harm you might be doing to others. From what I have read, you seem to be encouraging rapists and misogynistic attitudes and treatment of women, by blaming victims of rape of the crime perpetrated against them. You are making it more difficult for victims of rape to come forward and puruse legal action because of the judgment you are piling onto them. And I don’t think I need to remind you that not just women are raped. Children are molested, grandmothers and grandfathers are sexually abused in nursing homes, men in the military protecting your freedom of speech are raped, prisoners are frequently sexually abused by other prisoners and sometimes guards. And rapes occcur within a variety of circumstances from people who are stalked, to stranger rape, to martial rape, to drug-induced rape, etc. And by blaming the victims you not only are encouraging rapists to continue their behavior, but you are also causing further psychological damage and victimization to the victim. Did you know that suicide rates after sexual assault are around 13% according to the National Institue of Justice/National Suicide Prevention Line? That means that after being raped, 12% of victims kill themselves because of the trauma, stigma, and judgement they feel from law enforcement and from people like you.

      I know that you have probably heard this story a hundred times, but since you claim to be a Christian, I can only assume that you have heard the story of Jesus and the adulterous woman. After the woman is found to be guilty, Jesus says “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”. Then he gently bends down and helps the woman to her feet. And this is not even talking about rape (which is a crime and something done by a perpetrator to a victim), but about a consensual, yet immoral, act of a owman who had sex with another man outside her marriage. Jesus approaches victims by offering compassion, mercy, and grace, not judgment and condemnation. While you may believe you are trying to prevent future rapes, you have to think about those who have already been victimized. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are raped according to the US Department of Justice. In fact 1 in 4 children are raped/molested before they even turn 18, which is the legal age of consent. About 44% or rape victims are under the age of 18. Everytime you say, “You deserved to be raped”, you are doing the exact opposite of what Jesus did. You are picking up stones to throw at victims.

      Like I said before, I will not say that you don’t have the right to say the things that you have. I just urge you to consider that your very public rantings and the use of freedom speech to spew very hateful views towards victims might be ultimately hurting yourself and others around you. With great power and freedom, comes great responsibility with how to your words and speech.

      Grace and peace, Andy and Dean.

      • an anon says:

        I agree about compassion story adulterous woman. I agree some it comments about maybe he reframe certain words or phrases. However Christ did open air and rebuke many as well. Perhaps rephrase how he says things can be done such as dress in skimpy clothes can encourage another man to lust and this is immodest and sinful. But in end we still ask our themselves are we ashamed open air cuz Christ did do it himself. And am I right with Lord? Godlovesyou.com

  11. Amy McGee says:

    Oh Dean, someday you’re going to have to leave the oh-so protected world of a college campus. You’re going to find a lot of those feminists you’ve been insulting to have the power to offer or deny jobs. Honey, you’re going to unemployed for a very, very long time. I’d say you’ll be flipping burgers, but I would never insult a fine burger chef like that.

    • deensaxton says:

      Well a woman’s true home is the the keeper of it… Not work

      • This is awesome. You’re mother is employed at the very school you attend, she is also attending the same school as your father… How can you be so contemptible towards your mother and her actions when the commandments say honor thy mother and father? Again you cherry pick the parts of religion you find essential to your sexist hate mongering. I’m almost convinced you are a fraud, trying to see how many chains he can rattle. You’re effective I will give you that, but any half decent troll would at least attempt a rebutle after having his whole premise called out as a bag of inconsistency and moral ambiguity. What’s wrong Dean, dyke got yer tongue?

      • …waaaiiitiiiinggggg hahahahahaha

      • Ducktalesfan1002 says:

        Doesn’t your mother work as well? doesn’t the Bible preach that you have to show respect for your parents or else your going to Hell? Well see you in Hell Dean Saxton.

      • Oh here’s that comment where you said women shouldn’t work… And then contradicted yourself on another comment.. Ha!

      • anon says:

        Girls I do understand and think dean change few things edify a bit more but he should not stop open air preaching bible. Look beyond some of things and look at bible message. Join in preaching Christ. Y not go out and preach. I believe when a wOman marries with a child she shouldn’t work but she should open air. So look I believe can be loud about God but dean wants take care feed his fam y that bad??? Many women wish had man who would take lead.

      • anon says:

        Hey dean hope u got long massive note I sent about guy in Arizona who preached in mall with youth. You should contact dude from the church. Go to YouTube and type in gospel invasion at mall. In info area under video u should see 1 kids information. should contact 1 kids and ask them where they go to church cuz know u were look for fellowship

      • anon says:

        Here one of kids info in gospel invasion at mall. See wat church they go to. Looks like pastor did open air in mall.music by Irrelevant

  12. Jason says:


    You obviously come from an abusive background and have decided to frame your sense of self through a filter of hate and intolerance. You feel overwhelmed by darkness and desire and assume that the rest of the world is too (It is not, by the way.). In order to justify your need for control and your overblown sense of self-importance, you have latched onto the fantasy of being a “Christian”, as this offers you a vehicle for your hate-fueled fantasies of control.

    Dean, this is is not the way to live – not as a Christian, not as an atheist, not as anyone. To hate and belittle women is disgusting, ignorant, and shallow. You need to go and have a long look at yourself, and realize that you are deeply fucked up, if you are ever to have any chance whatsoever of being able to contribute in any meaningful way whatsoever to this world we live in.

    As a result of being consumed by hate, you now have millions of Christians, and indeed people from all walks of life, that would love nothing more than to jump on your head with hobbled boots – that’s not a good place to be.

    Women are beautiful and incredible and deserve to be loved and protected – not abused and controlled – that’s what psychopaths do, Dean. Get a grip Dean, or you’ll spend the rest of your life burning in a self-made bonfire of hate, and dragging innocent bystanders into the fire with you.

    There is nothing without peace, kindness and compassion. Fail to realize that, and you can never truly be alive.

  13. follower of Christ TRUE teachings says:

    Rape, murder, incest, wars, manipulation, control…these ALL have been done ” in the name of God” by humans (such as yourself) with ignorant, malicious intent to cause pain and suffering of others. You believe what you say is truth and the only “right” way. You have many lessons to learn about love, most importantly is this “truth” in which you preach of is greatly distorted and prominently based in fear and is blantantly NOT the teachings of Jesus Christ. Love…it will set you free.

    • an anon says:

      I agree some it comments about maybe he reframe certain words or phrases. However Christ did open air and rebuke many as well. Perhaps rephrase how he says things can be done such as dress in skimpy clothes can encourage another man to lust and this is immodest and sinful. But in end we still ask our themselves are we ashamed open air cuz Christ did do it himself. And am I right with Lord? Godlovesyou.com do it like apostles open air nonstop. Confess all known sins

  14. totally disgusted says:

    Oh my God, you must be a terrible joke of the whole universum.

    You are not a man, nor a human being.
    The most distressing and shame thing that you are not alone with this twisted, evil mentality on this planet.

  15. G. says:

    God blessed YOU with the ability to live in a place where the freedom of speech is not only recognized but accepted as a cultural norm. As a fellow American, I am ashamed that anyone could use this sacred privilege in such an abusive and hurtful manner. The man you claim to be a disciple of taught that women were not objects of sin and deserved to be treated successfully. You don’t seem to think likewise. If you really wish to preach to a receptive audience, I’d try the Taliban. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing in life. Good luck finding a wife and getting a job.

  16. Slut says:

    I’m as inexhaustible as you are, Dean. I can and will find you on campus and the internet and I’ll continue exercising my free speech as well.
    The thing is, I can see that you need help. These thoughts you have are not normal, they do not conform to a religion, you are not a “preacher”–you’re a sick kid. The bottom like is this; either get some help or get off our campus, we’re here to learn and not to be assaulted by your problems with life, homosexuals, women, people of color, or reality.

  17. Ducktalesfan1002 says:

    It’s people like that it’s a good thing we have the Internet. Your future employees will not want to hire you because your name Dan Saxton shows shows in just the first 5 google pages your picture, photo information, contact information ect Even if you change your name pictures and videos of your face will still exist for all entire span of the Internet and people will write your name name on every social media possible. Tumblr for example alone has a great collection of your pictures and actions. So you be unable to work the rest of your life and if a woman is foolish enough to marry you, your children will find out easily what you have done in the past. Because a lot of people are not going to want to hire you or work with you. Be that as women, fat people, gays or brothers who have sisters that have been raped, fathers who have a gay son, Friends of Jewish families, Husbands of women that work, and pretty much all Atheist bosses. Maybe you can find some work at a insane group that shares your fouth but your ability outside of it will always be limited even more when it comes to the social circle and dating.

    You be just giving to and you can whine and complain how people are intolerant of your actions. Because you have the freedom to judge people the way you want and the freedom to say whatever you want but you forget something important my anti-Jewish, fatphobic,gayhater, sexist friend. So can the rest of the world judge you by your actions and they will for the rest of how long the Internet will exist. :)

  18. dave says:


  19. Franky says:

    I’m more disappointed in the guys at UofA for not knocking some sense into this guy. Dean, your a horrible Christian and you don’t deserve to put yourself in this category, you are a disgrace to mankind.

  20. Jerome Clayton says:

    You misspelled ‘testimony.’

  21. Erica says:

    Dean, you are not a true Christian. I am a non-denominational Christian and I hate it that people like you give us a horrible reputation. Jesus commanded us to love others above ourselves, to show compassion for people, and not to judge them. Holding signs that spread hateful messages, such as “you deserve to get raped,” is not showing people love at all. You are judging people before you even know them, contrary to Jesus’ teaching in John 8:1-11 when he tells the Pharisees “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her,” referring to a sinful woman. We are imperfect human beings and we have no right to judge the sins of others, especially of people we don’t even know.

    In a video I just watched, you stated that you are aware of the fact that your actions probably do turn people away from God, as if you were proud of that. We are called by God to spread the Word of the Gospel and connect the unbelievers to Him. Our main goal on this Earth is to expand the population of Heaven, and you are purposefully doing the exact opposite. If you truly are a Christian and wanted to help save other people, you wouldn’t yell at them and say things like “you deserve to get raped” and “you are going to hell.” Do not try to scare people into repentance. Instead, tell them about who Jesus is and how He loves us so much that He gave up His own life to save us. I will be praying for you, and you should be praying to God for forgiveness.
    Here is a link the video. http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/story/22098799/2013/04/28/tucson-man-tells-uofa-women-they-deserve-rape

    If there are readers on this blog who questioning their faith in Christianity or would like to know more, please respond to this message and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I will not write hurtful messages to you or judge you. Dean Saxton is not a true Christian, so please do not associate him with Christianity. I apologize for the hurt he has caused in the name of Christianity. We are really taught to love one another and not to judge people.

    • Slut says:

      We all know Dean is a hateful little man, and has nothing to do with religion at all. Real Christians deserve respect for their faith. Dean does not.

    • Chris says:

      Erica, you say Dean’s style of preaching turns people away from God. How is this possible for anyone to know? Controversy and boldness is what it takes to get someone’s attention in our culture. It get’s people talking. Those conversations leave lasting impressions that one will reflect back on. Reflection becomes more profound as we age and sometimes people change much later on – but the seeds are planted on one single day. So, it’s impossible to tell, at the end of the day, if people really *are* being turned away from God.

      Also, I was thinking about this: For every person that *does* in fact get turned off by boldness, there could be two that convert. For instance, people reading this blog and perhaps don’t even comment. You don’t know.

      If you don’t have good, logical reasons then why do you think like this? I get the feeling it’s more of an emotional response rather than a logical one.

      You are after all giving Dean advice on how to preach, no? Is your advice sound? I don’t see any logical reason to think it’s sound.

  22. Liz says:

    We all would have deserved hell, if it weren’t for a loving God wiling to accept us into his arms regardless. Women should understand that the way they dress does affect the men around them, perhaps causing temptations. This makes it hard for each of us to see each other as brothers and sisters and easier for us to see each other in a sexual, perhaps immoral way. All this doesn’t mean we deserve hell (we don’t, or we would have never been saved) or that people deserve rape. They do not. Although temptations can occur by dressing provocatively, it is up to the men and women seeing this temptation to withhold and continue to act with love and respect. There are some real truths you may be trying to get at, but the way you are doing it, I believe is wrong. We should follow Jesus’ example when preaching to the masses. We should look to his teachings to understand how we should be and what we should say. Jesus would never say what you are saying. You may be trying to get the word out by making such bold statements, but they way you are doing it is confusing and misleading. Preach ACCOUNTABILITY, YES! Do this! But preach LOVE. Preach FORGIVENESS. Please, please pray more about this. If you truly feel you are being led by God, please seek his council further.

  23. Slut says:

    Oh Dean, deleting my comments won’t stop me from making them. I mean “We have free speech… here in America”, right? Isn’t that what you said yourself? Since you won’t let me post this on your other blog posting “Bro Dean update on rape sign”, wherein you said “The problem with the 12 years olds is its because of a divorce and typically a step father will rape the kids”

    And now, my comment you’ve been desperately deleting;

    Hey Dean, I have some more articles for you to read if you have the time:

    Daily Nation; 4-year-old girl raped and strangled by neighbors http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Four-year-old-girl-raped-strangled-by-neighbours/-/1056/1655232/-/8n3jlhz/-/index.html

    Google News, The Daily Courier; 15-year-old girl raped by family member, “I’m also afraid my PARENTS will be angry I didn’t tell them”


    Sun Journal; Teen chraged in rape of autistic girl, “A 15-year-old boy was arrested Friday, accused of raping an 8-year-old autistic girl with whom he lived.”


    Ordinary Evil; Two Sisters, Brutally Raped By Their Brothers and Father: Why They Will Always Remember, and Why Some Victims Don’t. “The molestation began with one brother when the girls were age three or four.”


    The Examiner; Family members given multiple life sentences for raping, prostituting children.

    Investigators said the three allegedly abused the three children during a five-year span from 2004 through 2009 when the children were 2 to 4 years old. “According to the investigation, the children were molested and forced to perform sexual acts on the defendants,” the district attorney’s spokeswoman Ms. Yvette Brown said. “Two of the children were also prostituted.”


    And finally, some REAL statistics for you published by the Sunday Times:

    “Close relatives are responsible for 99 per cent of reported cases of rape,” according to National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) chairperson, Anoma Dissanayake. “These people move closely with the victims and have the opportunity to commit the crime. There are more incidents of rape by close relatives than of rape by strangers.”

    In many of the cases, investigators found that the mother was away in the Middle East on a job contract, while the child was left in the care of family members. The victims have been forced into sex by their fathers, brothers, uncles or grandfathers. Those most vulnerable to rape are girls in the 14-to-16 years age group, said Mrs. Dissanayake, adding that there have also been cases of children as young as seven and eight years being raped by family members.


    So, Dean, why were they raped?

  24. Dean,
    I have heard you preaching several times and its obvious you have confused the purpose of a REAL Christian. It is not your place to judge or condemn, and it certainly isn’t your place to tell women they deserve to be raped. Your listeners show you blatant disrespect, and to be blunt, you have earned it. Jesus himself “came to save the world, not to condemn it.” Why have you taken it upon yourself to do so? Your messages are hateful, and are repelling people from Christ, not leading them to him. Who would want to believe in the hateful God you seem to represent? Love thy neighbor. Do not assault them with hateful comments. The purpose of a Christian is to spread God’s word, yes, but it is also to tell people God loves them. Consider this before your next speech: is your message winning souls for Christ or driving them further away? I am not saying you should be politically correct or that you should alter the Bible to be more soft and friendly. Tell the truth. God loves everyone, the sinner and the saved, but people aren’t getting that message from you. You want to be respected and bring people to God? Stop selling the image of a hateful creator. Just a suggestion.

  25. Forgiven says:

    “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” – Romans 2:1

  26. Brace says:

    Having a B.A. in Christian Theology, I couldn’t help but be interested in a news story that described you, Dean, as holding up signs and saying that college women deserve rape. This bothers me greatly and though I doubt I’ll get any sort of response from you, I thought it a worthwhile endeavor to try to contact you over the matter.

    There are a couple things critically wrong with what you’re doing. First, your argument of girls “pretty much asking for it (rape)” is invalidated by the very definition of rape. Merriam-Webster defines rape as “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female…” No college girl “asks” to be raped; if they did, it would be consensual and cease to be rape. While it is true that certain behaviors and environments increase the risk of being raped, these do NOT justify rape, nor do they place the victim at fault. By analogy, I am more likely to get shot if I try to minister to people in poverty-stricken, crime-ridden areas than if I had simply stayed home. Does that mean I “deserve” to be shot? By no means! Though my behavior increases the risk, it does not mean I’m asking to be shot. My intent is not to be shot, just as the intent of women is not to be raped. The heart of your error is you assert a faulty crime-penalty relationship between behavior and consequences: you suppose the penalty for flirting and provocative dress is rape. Who are you to make such a judgment?

    Secondly, even IF the crime-penalty relationship you described was accurate (though I insist it is not), your method of reaching out to those in trouble is completely contrary to the example of Christ. In John 8:1-11, we read a story about a woman (prostitute?) caught in adultery. The Pharisees brought her to Jesus demanding she be stoned to death, according to Mosaic Law. How did Jesus respond? Did He respond like you and say, “If you act like a whore, you’re pretty much asking to be stoned. You deserve to be stoned,” then pick up a rock and fling it at her? No. Jesus responded by saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If you are truly a “Religious Studies” major, you either (a) have not studied very well or (b) must be studying some religion other than Christianity, as your actions are completely contrary to its central figure. By condemning the girls in question, you embarrass yourself, are hurtful to rape victims, and alienate those you should be reaching out to. In your pious arrogance, you have made yourself their judge when you should instead be their medic and friend.

    • deensaxton says:

      I mean I really don’t care about your title. But I’m trying to address modesty, and the sign addressed it quite well.

      • Brace says:

        First, having a degree is not the same as a “title.” Second, I mentioned my educational background to explain my interest. Third, you completely failed to address anything I said and have continued to beg the question that you did a bang up job, despite explanations to the contrary with reference to scripture that depicts the Pharisees behaving exactly as you are and contrary to the example of Christ. As you are now, you are a hindrance to the cause of Christ. Do you not understand that your venomous behavior turns people away from you? Do you honestly expect them to want to listen to someone so blatantly spiteful? My friend, learn from Jesus’ example, starting with how Jesus behaved toward the woman caught in adultery.

      • It’s really pointless to ask him to explain himself, he has been nurtured by a backwards backwoods , fire and brimstone, misogynist, sexist, and homophobe. He’s marching to the tune of brother Jed’s drum, and has no actual explanation for why he preaches, and spews the things he does. Even when basic logic, and the quoting of the bible are presented, or an individual who is well educated on the very major course of his study makes logical points. He has a hateful agenda, brought on by who knows what, and hides behind a fares of loving sinners, by cursing them. It makes sense to him and the girl he was paired with. Doing anything short of a violent act Dean will be just another irrelevant doomsday Christian after graduation. That is a fact.

      • Forgiven says:

        The very last thing that comes to my mind, when I see a sign that says or hear someone shouting “You deserve rape!”, is…Oh my goodness, I better go put on another layer of clothing so I don’t get attacked. Come on, how does that address modesty? Tell us, other than the anger you’ve delighted in provoking, exactly what purpose have you achieved by shouting unfounded accusations and hateful words at by passers? What have you done for God? Did even one female, just one, approach you and say…”Brother Dean, you’re right, I’m a whore. Please pray with me so God will protect me from the violent sexual predators I’ve created by showing my bare elbows and knees while walking casually from class to class?” How exactly did your sign address it well?
        I think you just like the attention. Period.

    • Chris says:

      “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” 1 John 3:9

      So why must Dean admit that he sins or else be judged a liar by you? Please keep your answer in the context of the verse above.

      There are two kinds of preachers: those called by God and those that have to go to school for it.

  27. Shut down 1,000,000,000 for brother dean…..

  28. Dean Saxton: doesn’t care about a B.A in theology, but studies it in college… More contradiction.

    • Brace says:

      I have my doubts he’s really studying Christian theology at all. His behavior is more characteristic of someone who is carried away by religious zeal void of any intellectual anchor. It’s a shame, too. I can only imagine what good could result if his zeal was married up to sound, biblical theology and the sort of love for his fellow man that Jesus displayed. Instead, it seems he’s caught in the same trap the Pharisees were stuck in: thinking themselves righteous, they delighted in condemning others; Dean would rather point his finger accusingly at others than lift a finger to help those in need. This is precisely what Jesus detested when He said, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them” (Luke 11:46).

      • Forgiven says:

        Matthew 23: 1-33. Particularly verse 13: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.”

      • deensaxton says:

        I live everything I teach.

      • deensaxton says:

        What burden have I put on people that can not be carried?

      • Brace says:

        You live everything you teach? Everything, huh? Always? Do you teach people not to sin? I’d assume so, given how anxious you are to condemn people who you consider sinners. Do you sin? If you say no, you are a liar (1 John 1:8). Therefore, you do not always “live everything you teach.”

        Further still, do you teach people to follow Jesus’ example of lovingly reaching out to people others consider unclean or immoral? If not, why? If so, why is your behavior so unlike that of Christ when the Pharisees brought out a woman caught in adultery? You are either not teaching something you should (the very heart of Christ’s ministry) or are not living what you teach.

        You say that women deserve rape. Have you so quickly forgotten that you deserve hell (Romans 3:23)? And if you deserve something far worse than rape, how ridiculous it is that you should point your finger at someone else and charge them with a lesser punishment than the one you merit! You are a hypocrite so caught up in the idea of your own self-righteousness that you fail to relate to your fellow sinners.

        In your pious arrogance, you push them away from Christ with condemnation when you should be drawing them nearer to Him through love and friendship. Do you understand people so little that you honestly think lashing out at them will make them want to listen to you? You have distanced yourself from rape victims when you should have instead mimicked Jesus and rushed to their aid.

        What burden have you placed on people? You try to burden people with unjustified feelings of guilt, accusing rape victims of “asking for it” and deserving rape when nothing can be further from the truth, as I have explained earlier and which you completely ignored.

  29. BrokenH (Ben) says:

    You have to be a satirist troll,Dean. I think I’ll leave it at that!

  30. Rhoda Farrar says:

    All the people wishing rape upon Dean are missing the point a bit, and missing exactly how vile Dean is for saying it in the first place.

    Dean, you’re a monster.

  31. Brother Peen says:

    You either have a terrible, tasteless sense of humor that is going to get you in a lot of trouble and potentially hurt, or literally you are mentally insane. It’s one of the two.

  32. Jesus loving feminest says:

    Remember, only the father can cast judgment, not us. Or did you decide to ignore that part ;)

    • deensaxton says:

      We have another feminist idiot who’s going to hell… Aren’t you judging me? Think about that hypocrite!

  33. Mike says:

    Hey dean do us all a big favor and just fall off a tall building some where . Some where far away from Tucson, I would not want your blood on the ground in Tucson. Just go away , you sick f## ker.

    • deensaxton says:

      I would like to see you saved from your sin, and a child of God! It’s not to late to change

      • true believer says:

        I would like to see you saved from your sin, and a child of God! It’s not to late to change.

        We are praying for you.

  34. bridgetazaz says:

    You’re doing more harm to the cause of Christ than you can possibly realize. :( I know someone that is exposed to your preaching, and from what he tells me about what you say, it doesn’t sound remotely like the real Gospel I read in the New Testament. Someday you will realize you have been influenced by a cult, and will regret this. Someone tells me your family was kind and normal, this must be so painful for them! Are you associated with any actual church here in town?

  35. His words are hateful and he is a hypocrite. Pictures of him at a sorority pancake breakfast, and then he calls them whores… What is that about? Says things like women shouldn’t work then he goes to school on discount because his mother works for the UofA. I would say that the people commenti here are bold in the fact that they are willing to point out that Dean isn’t such a great piece of pious pie.

  36. dave says:

    this psycho-Bible whacker is insane. his God is satan…. he just doesnt know it…. pretender…

  37. micah says:

    The thing is dean, having listened to you at my time at u of a, it doesnt seem like you preach Christ, filled with the holy spirit. When Jesus was on earth his ministry was bold, culture shocking, and sometimes crazy to the point that people wanted to kill him, and they did. The difference I see is his message was that he always preached redemption by grace through faith in him. He pointed out peoples sins and encouraged them to change in very loving ways. Think of the woman at the well. Paul warns us about false teachers preaching out of sin, and i do believe you fit the bill my friend. Put down your pride, its rubbish (phillipians 3), put down your desire to piss people off, and come to jesus. Remember, only he saves the lost no one else. I am praying for you dean.

    • deensaxton says:

      What is prideful in how Dean preaches? Has he ever said he’s better than you.

      • micah says:

        Basically, saying women deserve rape and numerous other slews, when in fact we all deserve hell is hypocritical and reeks of pride. Jesus, being in the true nature god came down to this earth, humbled himself and allowed himself to be mutilated and humiliated. Dean, would you say you are filled with the holy spirit? Can you quote scripture which would convince me you are right and just in your preaching?

  38. dave says:

    dean is filled with some kind of spirit… ….. OLD TESTAMENT hate and fear…. whack-o…

  39. Chris says:

    hey dean, youre gonna die a virgin. have fun not having sex and being awesome. next time i see you im gonna throw a used condom at youre head after a have sex with a “slut”. Asshole.

  40. Big Daddy 365 says:

    Jesus said to love your enemy as your brother. Jesus taught tolerance and love for your neighbor. It is Gods place to judge not yours, not mine. FINALLY NOBODY DESERVES RAPE!

  41. Mark says:


    I have to stop you from deluding yourself. I was where you are now. Wanting to belong to some higher purpose. Underneath, if you are honest, it is just a cry for attention. If you were to research the christian beliefs, you would see that undiluted, “pure” christianity has not existed since 300-400 ad. The early church writings bear witness to that. The “church” of today is filled with divorce, non-sabbath keeping people who want to claim the name without the sacrifice. If you were to truly follow their teachings, you would live a quiet example amongst them. You would be vilified by those who say they are true, Including “brother Jed”. I was. I found none who could be called christian by the early church. They don’t exist anymore.

    As an agnostic, I now look at religion with a reasoned eye. None of the world’s religions stayed in its original form…none.

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