arrested every day of the weekend

Friday, preaching on a public sidewalk at Sabino High School and the sheriff said he would let me go because I was on public(he said it was private) property with a warning. Then a city cop came across town to pressure him and I was cited for trespassing.
Saturday I was preaching on university as I have done before, but then the officers watched as I was repeatedly assaulted. Then I started preaching to the cops and was arrested for DOC, As i was put into the van, a riot broke out. tear gas flew, bean bags shot and paint balls went everywhere.
Sunday I preached at a breast caner march, and the cops came over and claimed I had assaulted a woman…after I had already been assaulted many times by these cancer supporters, and was arrested for assault DOC and trespassing the cop destroyed my sign on the spot and then turned off all my recording equipment, let me ask you this, were they ashamed?

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Europe Fundraiser!


This will be my third trip of Europe; I am scaling down the leg and boot of Europe with the sword of truth. Starting in Dublin and working my way, city-by-city, gate-by-gate, brick by brick, tearing down the strongholds of Satan, to Florence, Italy where the crusade is finished. Most of the cities I have already been to, have contacts for, or is just a step of Faith. I would like to invite you as the street preaching movement begins to go global, to invest in the push to Europe. This entire world is ours to preach to, all we need to do is claim the promises of God. Please help through prayer (my goal is to have a group of twelve faithful prayer warriors), financially (raise 12,200), and if you have any contacts along the way that would help the kingdom of God advance on the gates of Hell!

The tickets have already been purchased to Dublin, Ireland. I will stay in Dublin for 2 weeks in hostels, floors, or anywhere that will take me in. This is a city I have never been, plagued with Catholicism to the core. I had an hour and half interview with a radio station there, at one point I said “That’s it I’m coming to Dublin” then the show host proclaimed that I couldn’t due to the liberal atmosphere. The angry Irish will meet their match with the Holy Ghost preaching.


Which reminds me of Rome last year preaching in front of the Vatican, then thrown into Jail twice! The team of preachers also preached in from of a mosque at night, where one of the Muslims grabbed a rebar and hit me in the arm and in the head. I still have a scar and a bump on my arm from.


Then onward to Edinburgh, Scotland for a week, preaching in front of the castle which is a huge tourist attraction. I am a native scot, Irish and Italian mix, which is why a trip like this is so important. To preach to blood relatives around the coasts of Europe. I will be preaching to family members and long lost relatives. The entire trip will consist of finding tourist attractions then letting people know the truth of the gospel from around the world.


Then traveling on to London to preach in Hyde Park where doctor Jekyll will be unveiled as the sinners reveal themselves. Because this is a free speech forum I plan on spending a considerable amount of time here.  But London is also double the cost of anywhere in Europe.

Mounting on the wings of a plane and flying to Amsterdam, Netherlands where I and the assembled crew of tentatively Mikhail, Angela, and Pavel will be preaching and staying for a week. Then on to Frankfurt, Germany, Then Munich, Germany where they will be having a sodomite parade. That the team will be preaching at, there is a few of us, rights may be restricted, but with the power of God we can destroy the European strongholds of the Devil!

We will be able to go down Europe and preach in the cities that need a warning of the Judgment, while looking into different events as they come up in Europe. This kind of a trip is not a shoot and run, there will be considerable time spent in each city to preach see how the city responds and minister to those who are open to the word of God. Also gathering contacts is one goal I have as I plan to map out the continent for ministry.

Preaching at college campuses are fun, preaching at high schools are done, preaching at events have their time. But it is time for the next generation of preachers to take our swords into the promise land! Where the giants of Canaan lie in wait. As a college student of the University of Arizona, 23 years old, I am living the life I have always wanted; on fire for God living as the men of the bible of old would, fearless. (Not that I don’t have some moments) I have never gotten high, drunk, or kissed in my life. Dedicated to purity and holiness I plan on raising Gods banner in Europe.


If you can send me to the sodomite pride parades of Berlin, Germany and to the sodomite pride parades of Amsterdam, Netherlands and to the Melt Festival as additional bonuses to the trip. If they are not fully funded I will be going with the original plan.

The things on my wish list are festivals and parades that I will have to fly to and out of. They carry more weight than the normal preach because cost is almost always triple around events.

Then there are individual cities I’d like to visit and preach in

Tentative schedule

Dublin 2 weeks (May)

Edinburgh 1week (June)

London 1 week

Amsterdam 1 week

Munch 1 week

Frankfurt 1 week (July)

Salzburg 4days

Florence 3 weeks

Rome 4 days (August)

Dublin 1 last week

Plan is subject to change regarding if all of the wish list is completely funded.

Information of some of the events:

If funded my schedule will change to accommodate these and other events.

Amsterdam Gay Pride, Netherlands (2-4 August)

As Gay Pride events go, Amsterdam’s is up they’re (along with Madrid) as one of the most vibrant and lively. Head to the main canals where you’ll find hundreds of decorated boats carrying colorful party people and pumping out dance tunes.

Melt Festival, Ferro polis, Germany (19-21 July)

Germany’s popular Melt festival offers an equal mix of rock bands and DJs. This year’s festival welcomes the likes of 2 Many DJs, James Blake, Trentemøller, and Mark Ronson. 



Please Support:

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Bro dean Vs the Demons of Tucson


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Bro dean at saggy waro high school


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Kevin preaching


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Jim Weber open air founding father


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Preaching in Vegas


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