Preacher Ruben

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Preaching at the albu-queer-que parade

New Mexico has nothing new, there’s homos, fags, pedophiles, Marxists, democ-rats, queers, strange women, foreign women, whores, Socialists, street walkers, homeless homos (the typical gay), masturbaters, adulterers, murders, covetous, abortionists, sinners, and their sympathizers.

People told me the pride parade was a be yourself parade. That you should take pride in who you are, an that everyone would accept you there. I thought to myself “this is great, finally a group of people that will accept me and my homophobe ways.” They told me all the normal people were going to be there. But when I got to the event and brought my signs and started telling others who I really am, they did not accept me for who I really am. If fact they got angry that I didn’t agree with their way of thinking, they eve assaulted me.

This was nothing more then child molesting pervert parade out there. I had to bring out the truth horn and rip up the block, telling all those queers that I’m normal and they are weird!!!! They are the queers!!!!

I just can’t understand why any one would want to go through the back door, when there’s a front door. The front was specifically made and designed for entrances. The back door is for when you want throw out the dirty waste.

Bro J and I arrived on the scene, with the truth horn and the “God Hates Homos” sign which God does, but it seems like we were the only homophobes out there. But don’t worry fellow homophobes! we are the few to represent the majority. The majority of Americans hate gay, effeminate, queer cuddling, faggots. But every one knows that so I’m just preaching to the queer.

So we were out there and I will admit that im a homophobe. I’ve talked to my friends and they would all say that I was born with this lifestyle. I have tried counseling and no matter what lengths the inner homophobeness can not leave this body. I’ve tried reading books about changing the cis-tem. To no avail I was born normal and will remain normal, for the rest of my life. No need to try fake sex, with no results. I believe I was born a homophobe. You either are a boy or girl at birth. There’s just nothing normal about the voice, the walk, the style, the confusion as to what you are, or the fake sex. The truth is Jesus Christ can set these freaks from their sin. They can choose to go in a different direction. To say that you are born with a lifestyle is foolish.

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Brother Micah

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NCAA arrest

There I was, on a public side walk with my trust Jesus shirt, preaching like a lion growling at the local wildebeest, actually if you watch the footage I was like a cobra waiting for the strike slithering through and addressing and striking where things needed to be taught. But some guys got angry and said shut the f*** up repeatedly. I was just preaching Jesus and these dogs started barking. There counter argument was so narrow and stupid I just ignored them. Then they took my hat and threw it and I just retrieved it. Then I was met with a angry college… Probably a frat cat. And he shoved me all the way to where the cops are, in front of gentle bens where a Wild West security officer grabbed my hand threatened me several times to f*** me up. And said many things revealing he’s more of a stupid rhino then a slick cheetah. His charges soon tired him out and he ran away. Then the gentle bens security started begging me to go across the street. I declined the offer, then the officer came and said I was inciting a riot… What riot? a couple of people were getting irritated at me saying trust Jesus.

Here’s a message to Tucson officers:

1. The constitution protects unwanted speech
2 I am lawful in my speech about religion
3 if the crowd has become disorderly they do not have that right to riot.
4. I’m lawful but the crowd is unlawful…Police must take action against their behavior.

But he left and a minute later the cops like a pack of wolves jumped on me arrested me and took my stuff. They returned it, don’t be worried, some cops have though.
So I was thrown into the back of the van.

I just wanted to tell people about Jesus and I met a guy in the van who just wanted a chipolte burrito. Another who’s glasses were destroyed as he tried to… Idk it’s on my YouTube clip. Then a Mexican, and a law student. And several others, we were all stuck cuffed. I a good person was with bad people and they can’t do anything about it because we were all stuck.

So I began to preach… And well, they didn’t know that they went to the basket ball game but ended up meeting a man better than John the Baptist. The living word of God, a man of God. I was head butted twice. In the van, but the guy who did it said he was sorry and looked like he meant it… I forgave him.

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I’m proud to be a virgin!!!!

Virgin song

If tomorrow all the things were gone, I’d worked for all my life.
And I had to start again, with just my Lord, Jesus The Christ
I’d thank the maker of all, and praise His Holy name,
For this man is set apart, and they can’t take that away!

I am proud to be a virgin!
Where at least I know I’m clean
And I won’t forget the people who
Have STD’s near me!

And I’ll gladly stand Up in Purity
And Keep myself for Thee
For there ain’t no doubt I’ll love my wife!
God Bless whoe’er she’ll be!

From the U of Arizona
To the open public streets
Across the world to Europe
That’s where I’ve been called to Preach

From Heaven down to Mankind, my Lord Jesus came
For there’s SIN in every American’s heart and
Jesus alone can SAVE.

Chorus repeat

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Mexican food in the dirty T


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Challenging the Status Quo

I find that although there are rights that we as global people and American citizens feel we ought to have but often get denied. I have been arrested countless times. often I am the one assaulted and the cops will show up and arrest me. Each arrest brings the burden of court time, money for lawyers, and unpleasant jail experiences. But being arrested is a badge of honor.

I have been preaching on the campus between classes, literally I am walking to my next class while preaching. I tell them that they may be going to hell, may deserve to be sexually assault based on what they may be wearing, tell them of a God who hates them and their sin. Here at the university of adultery I try to stir up the demons in people to get the person inside to think, to maybe challenge the status quo.

The status quo of listening to music that spurs on unnatural lusts and hatred for others. The TV that wastes time and is Santana best sermon catalogue. The status of feminism, and it’s ridiculous victim claiming at every point.

If you are able help me in prayer, please do!

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